Path: mockfs/override.rb
Last Update: Sun Jun 11 17:37:46 EDT 2006

Include this file to redefine FileUtils, Dir, and File. The point of this is so that you can use MockFS to test a codebase that calls these classes directly instead of going through MockFS.file_utils, etc.

Please note that as of this writing (June 11, 2006), this file is still fairly experimental. Please exercise caution when relying on tests through this.

Required files





OriginalFileUtils = FileUtils
OriginalDir = Dir
OriginalFile = File

Public Instance methods

mockfs/override.rb overrides Kernel.require to allow you to include Ruby files that are in the mock file system:

  require 'mockfs/override'
  MockFS.file.open( 'virtual.rb', 'w' ) do |f|
    f.puts "puts 'I am a ruby program living in a virtual file'"
  require 'virtual.rb'
  require 'rexml'        # real files are still accessible